Sometimes, we tend to over-complicate the lead generation portion of our business. Sure, technology and social media that have allowed us to be more creative but at the heart of it all, the simple fact is that wherever people are, there’s an opportunity to find a prospective customer. Successful real estate agents know this and are always on the look-out for a good lead – even if it’s not the most obvious place. 

In KW MAPS Coaching’s BOLD Experience, students are challenged to think outside the sacred three-hour lead generation time block and make 100 contacts in a week. Does making 100 contacts in seven days seem like a daunting task to undertake? It might if you aren’t armed with lead generation ideas. Thankfully, we stumbled upon 50 from a KWU Master Faculty Instructor and team leader.

Some of these lead generation methods may already be on your radar. Some you might never have thought of. Others may sound a little silly at first.

But consider the possibilities. Ask yourself what 100 contacts could do for your business. And give it a go!

The best way to start is to choose three lead generation methods to focus on. Feel free to get creative like this team did! Set goals for each, create action plans and track your results. If you plug into the Career Growth Initiative, the activities you need to accomplish will be spelled out for you. Make sure to find someone to help you stay accountable to your goals. 

Happy hunting!

1. Garage Sales

2. Car Dealers

3. Financial Advisors

4. Airlines

5. HOA Associations

6. Running Club

7. Gym/Personal Trainers

8. New Home Builder Reps

9. Building Co-owners

10. College Alumni Associations

11. Weddings

12. Move In Parties

13. City Holiday Celebrations

14. Marriage Counselors

15. CPAs

16. BNI: Business Network International

17. Mortgage Companies

18. Title Companies

19. Inspectors

20. Appraisers

21. Moving companies

22. Chamber of Commerce

23. PTAs

24. Volunteer for School Trips

25. Band

26. Choir

27. Sports/Booster Clubs

28. Teachers

29. Principals

30. Judges

31. Charities

32. HOA Associations

33. Relocation Companies

34. Country Clubs

35. Realtor Seminars

36. College Alumni Associations

37. First-time Homebuyer Seminars

38. Before-Market Preview Properties

39. Apartment Representatives

40. Places of Worship

41. Radio

42. TV

43. Back of Your Laptop

44. Stockbrokers

45. Door Knocking

46. Veteran Associations

47. Hair Salon

48. Realtor Associations

49. Singles Organizations


Which three will you choose?


Originally posted on 08.23.17